Yet another farewell....

We've had such a crazy couple of weekends.  We've traveled a lot the past three weeks due to different being Allegra's farewell.    Two weekends ago I went on a girls' weekend to Yatule resort as sort of a last hurrah for Allegra.   It rained all weekend but it was still nice to get away for the responsibilities and good girl catch up time!  Last weekend, the weather was PERFECT (as it has been lately) and we all went to the Beachhouse to see Allegra play one last time.   It was an amazing weekend.  That place is so beautiful when the weather is nice.   We all enjoyed lots of beach time, good pizza from Eco Cafe, and of course Allegra's amazing music.   Gosh...I will miss her music.  I will miss her as a whole.  I will miss our deep conversations, her up for anything attitude, and our silly, goofy comfort with one another.  One of the hardest things about being here is watching your friends leave.  When we leave, I worry I will have no one at our farewell as all of my core group of friends are leaving before we are.   It's heartbreaking to say goodbye to so many friends, like Allegra.   The cool part is I now have a close friend in San Diego...   and how amazing is technology?   We can what's app/facebook/insta...whenever we choose!  


This will be another heartbreaking goodbye.  These two....

Allegra and her amazing music!

When we arrived home we finally took our anniversary walk on the sea wall.  It was so nice.  We decided to try to incorporate this walk into our weekly routine.  Felt grateful the whole walk for my hubby and for my whole family.