Rako performance and Beqa

 The past two weeks were spring break for the girls and I.   Well, here it's not called spring break, but that's the way I think of it.   As I mentioned in my last post, we spent a lot of time at home getting over cika (eye infections), had a few playdates, visited two resorts, and the girls participated in a holiday day camp at Rako Pasefika focusing on Pacific Island art, music, drumming, dance, and story telling.   It was awesome!  The kids LOVED it!   On Friday, they did a final performance for the parents.  The pictures and video say it all.

Andie got to introduce the ladies dance.  She was nervous but very proud of  herself! 

The boys dance

The girls.  How cute are their clothes??

What a little dancer!

curtain call.  happy kids!

This may be a framer..

Hope the video works!

As soon as they finished their performance we took off to Beqa Island Lagoon for the weekend with our friends.   It was a perfect weekend.  I love the comfort level and closeness I feel with this crew.  Pretty blessed.   We were joking that when we are old sitting in the nursing home we will look back and remember these times in Fiji....  "Remember the fun we had with those Australians?!"  

The crew

When we got there Friday night we enjoyed a nice dinner together and lots of running around and cartwheels in the grass (the kids, not me).   Saturday morning the guys and Tricia went diving together while Liz and I stayed back and watched the kids.   We walked out during low tide and hunted for shells.  It's such a surreal feeling....walking out into the ocean during low tide.   It was overcast...but nonetheless beautiful and peaceful.

super cool guys on dive trip

The only people who look happy about this photo is me and Charley, the photo bomber.  Lol. 

The dads and kids went to the village to visit one of the Peace Corps volunteers that afternoon while the ladies stayed back and sat on the beach and got foot massages!  So relaxing!

Selfies in the village

Maybe not quite as peaceful was our Saturday night where Warren played DJ and all of us got the dancing bug.   We had a little dance party on our porch.   It was fun.  LOVE love love to dance! 

we are such dorks.
Sunday turned out to be a gorgeous day.  We all went snorkeling and swimming and simply enjoyed being in the awesome weather, soaking in the view.   I've decided (for now anyway) that I am just going to try and rock a bikini.  Who cares if I have stretch marks and rolls?  It's my body and I should just be proud of it!  I work out all of the time and there seems to be no getting rid of those rolls and certainly not the stretch marks.   I want to just be confident in who I am and be comfortable with me...all of me!   So....on Sunday I braved it...and wore my bikini.   Well....once I had on my bikini, I didn't quite feel so comfortable anymore.  First of all, my stomach is SOOOO white (while the rest of me is tan).  My belly hasn't seen the light of day for over 8 years!   Also, I didn't want to move and I certainly didn't want anyone to look at me.  I laid on my back and asked other people to get things for me.   After about 30 minutes I put on my swim shirt.   Baby steps.   I will keep trying though.  Once I get tan, it will help.    I am woman....hear me roar....and look at my white belly!  Who cares if you don't like my stretch marks and flab?   Oh wait....I care even if I don't want to!!!!  baby steps.

The guys with me photo bombing in the background  (I was hiding out in pool). 

The  kids all got a kayak ride from one of the incredible employees at the resort.

It would be so hard to paddle for that many kids!!!

this was the view from our room

where we spent most of our time

I always love the shadows on the water

boat ride back home was really really rocky...but everyone handled it well!

Once we got back home, we got the long awaited Easter package from BeBe and PapPap!!!  The girls were ECSTATIC!  They even wore their new bathing suits at dinner time just because.....    Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!!