Lots to blog about....but so tired.   Until tomorrow, this is what Kitty, our babysitter, found in the girls' room last night!

Yikes!  You can read about them here.....    If you are too creeped out to read it....my takeaway is that the bites can cause pain, fever, swelling, chills.   "Centipedes are considered frightening by humans due to their dozens of legs moving at the same time and their tendency to dart swiftly out of the darkness towards one's feet".   

Ugh!   Thank goodness she smashed it.  Not walking around barefoot for  while!


  1. Yikes is right!

  2. I just found one of the creatures in my lazy boy chair and it was daytime. Actually my dog and cat found it. I just went to see what they were looking at. This one was about 6-7 inches long...black with orange legs..just like your pic.


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