5 weeks done and done!

So...now my kid is stealing all of my blog material!   Was going to talk about another weekend full of playdates, the black sand beach, and a farewell dinner....but you can pretty much see all of it here.

Enjoyed a foot massage in a very seedy place, while men took kids to beach.  So nice!

Cannot believe Diane is leaving.  More on that later...

And........big news here.....after 5 weeks of solo parenting (with a brief 24 hour respite), Warren will be home tomorrow!!!!!!!   I'm so happy.  I am really beginning to doubt my parenting skills.  My patience is pretty much at zero.  I have so much respect/admiration for single parents.   It's no joke.   I mean, the homework alone nearly put me over the edge.   I have good kids but they are kids...and no one is perfect....especially me.

In other news, I got a haircut.  Whoopie doo......   Here I am in Andie's class doing a lesson.

Also, I think I have slight OCD when it comes to planning my bestie's vacay here.  I am really obsessed.  I cannot stop thinking about every detail of her trip.  I'm so nervous it will rain or something will go wrong, but the anxiety is 100% unfounded.  It's ridiculous really as every time we are together is amazing.  She's like a sister to me and just being together is always good for my soul.  I just know how much it costs to get here and how big it is for her family of five to trek across the country....so I get anxious. I feel responsible for their good time.  I'm always apprehensive with visitors....knowing how huge it is for them to come, and then it always goes well.   That being said, visitors are the most exciting, most welcome thing about living here!!!!   Please come...who cares if I get nervous?  I can promise you a well-thought out, exciting trip!   I CANNOT believe they will be here next month!!!!!!    Thrilled!

Old pic of us and our girls

Anyway....again not too much to update on....

 Mom just sent these old photos of us for a school project.  I LOVE them!  Hadn't seen them before.  So cute!

Had to throw in at least one beach pic