Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, my friend Tricia and I escaped for the night to the Warwick.   At first, I felt a little guilty leaving on Mother's Day, but after my recent bout of single parenting and knowing I would spent half the day with them on Sunday, I left completely guilt free and stoked to be spending the night away.    After a good run on Saturday morning, Tricia and I left mid-morning for the 1.5 hour drive to the Warwick.  We first stopped at Eco Cafe for my favorite pizza/environment in Fiji.    (Fiji expat world is so small we saw two other people from Suva there).   We soon arrived at the hotel and got a corner room on the adult only beach and pool!   It was so lovely.  We enjoyed laying out by the adult only pool, sitting on the adult only beach, eating an amazing dinner complete with seeing meter + sized sharks  and great conversation all day.

Sunset.   The little island is where we ate dinner.  

Good conversation with a good friend at sunset.....  

full moon

shoes left off for dinner in the sand

Cute puppies at Eco Cafe.    Video above of the family singing at restaurant

The next day I slept until 7 (why can't I sleep in when I'm allowed to?!?), walked around the resort and went to the gym before Tricia woke.   We then went to an adult only yummy breakfast and sat outside on the beach reading before we went back to real life.     I went back home feeling completely refreshed and relaxed, so happy for my life here.  

empty pool - very few people at hotel this weekend

12th try at selfie shot - not so good at those!

The kids showered me with gifts and Warren made an awesome dinner and MADE THE KIDS LUNCHES for the next day.  I don't know why I dread making those lunches, but man... it was so nice to have him make them!   Andie's card blew me away..... so sweet - just like her.    Zoe didn't even make me a card and I basically guilted her into it.  The only reason I wanted her to make the card is because while her sister tells me regularly how much she loves me, Zoe will never say it.   She says she feels shy to say it to anyone but she likes to write it in cards.   No problem-  but then I want the card!   Of course, I know how much she loves me and I don't need to hear the words.  I completely respect her needs and would never guilt her into saying it.....but it's always nice to see on a card!  :)  

Dear Mom,
Thank you for being the best mom.  I love how you know what's right or wrong and you care for everyone.  I know if you keep trying you can do anything you want to.   You are the best mom ever to walk the earth.  I have always looked up to you and you are always by my side.   You are the best counselor in the world and the best mom.  I love you more than anything!  I love you Mom! Love, Andie
(Best letter EVER)!

Zoe gave me skittles and a ring and this card!  I'm a happy mama.

Also, here are a few other pics of life here!

EXPENSIVE strawberries! 

Frog on my front steps.  I see at least 3 frogs a day here. 

Virginia shaped Tuna!

I cannot explain why, but I love this little 7 second video of Andie riding in the back of a cab.   Yes, I know she doesn't have a seat belt on and I don't love that, but most cabs here don't have belts in the back.    It's the norm.  But, that's not what I love.  I love the wind in her hair, the sun on her face, the island music blaring in the background.  I love that she is in her school uniform and sights of our every day life in Fiji are passing her by.   I looked back at her and just wanted to cry for some the beauty of it all - this regular everyday, ordinary moment that just felt so beautiful right then and there - a slice of life of my radiant girl.    I wanted to tape her a little longer, but I didn't want her to feel she was being watched.  I just wanted to enjoy her in the moment - while she was lost in her own time.      Love it.