What's your billboard?

This week a friend told me she went to a Moms and Martinis party hosted by her neighbor, who is a life coach.  This neighbor is trying to set up a side business of being a "mom" life coach so she hosted a little get together.   In the beginning of the party she had everyone pair up and answer questions like, "What is your life dream?" and "If there was a billboard with a life motto on it, what would yours be?".   My friend brought back these questions to all of our friends and it's started some great discussions.

My gut instinct was for my billboard to say, "Be kind." or "It's better to be kind than right," just because those are the things I say incessantly to my children.   I then thought about MaMa Rut's words, "Keep Dancing and keep taking care of each other."  I really LOVE that as a life motto- take care of one another, but also enjoy life.      Warren said his would be, "YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE" or the platinum rule - "Treat others the way THEY want to be treated."     Andie said, "Make friends and have fun." and Zoe said, "Share your toys." or just simply, "Share."    I've been asking friends all week and I've heard some great ones to include:

"Live life in the moment."
"Experience life."
"Live and let live."
"Wake up."
"Never say never."
"Don't underestimate your self."
"Be kind, be awesome, and hustle."

What's yours?  I'd love to hear!

The dream one was harder for me as it's easy to think of what my dreams are for my girls, my family. I've always dreamed of being a doula as a side job.  I think I have the best job in the world, but if I were to do anything else, I'd like to be a doula.    Also, I'd like to see as much of the world as possible, live abroad, maintain a healthy marriage, be a good mom, live my life motto, etc.   So many dreams I guess!

Onto other things, this was a good week full of play dates, hikes, swim practices (both girls are in nationals this coming weekend), party planning (Zoe will be 7 on Wednesday) and family/friend time.  Today we went to a new waterfall (for us).  It was a short drive and short hike to a beautiful waterfall.  It was fun!   I love this  place.

Cow traffic jam on the way to the falls.  Had to sit for a few minutes while cows cleared the road.

start of hike




drive home - love all the green here

playdate with Tarisma 
Sometimes our view still takes my breath away.

new kicks with name on them!!!!


  1. Great questions! And btw I was training to be a doula , attended about 5-6 births. Life changing!


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