Farewells and Culture

This week was yet another farewell.   This one was also a hard one.  Diane and Christian have felt like such a stable part of Fiji for me.  They were some of the most welcoming friends in the beginning and they were the first people who invited us to dinner.  I remember sitting in Diane's kitchen 2+ years ago, thinking, "I really want to be friends with her!".    I am so glad we did become friends!   It will be so weird to not have them here.  Diane's smile and demeanor feel like part of my foundation here.    It's always nice to know you have someone stable to rely upon.  They were both very involved with the school, the embassy, and the community - and were the perfect people to turn to for help.    One day Christian spent a whole day with Warren just helping him fix a smoker, transport a smoker, and smoke some meat - just because that is who he is- wanting to help.    While we may not agree on everything, we have found a common ground and truly enjoy each others' company.  I will really miss them, but I'm hoping we visit them in Laos one day!

Thanks for coming to dinner you guys and thank you for everything you've done to help us feel at home in Fiji!  We love the Adams family!

Diane and her boyfriend as she would say...

All of our monkeys

On another note, after a tearful goodbye song for Rowdy (their son), Andie was awarded the risk taker award at assembly this morning.   She said she's gotten that same award all three grades she has been at the school.  I had to laugh, because really it is so her.  She's not afraid to take risks- which I absolutely love, admire, and adore about her.  Such a cool kid.

AFter the assembly, we had visitors from China doing the Lion dance.  It was SOOOO cool!   I'd never seen it before, but the kids and I were seriously impressed!

PS.  Look who's here for a few days.....  Fun.   (Yes, I just took this picture on my porch where I am sitting to write this.  Feeling very fortunate!)