First week off

We've been busy this first week of holidays!   We've had a lot of good family time, loads of play dates, and a few beach trips.   It's so nice to not make school lunches and have a little time off of work!  Here's some photos so far....

lots of sunsets this week

The kids finally played with the neighbors for hours last weekend.   Loved it!

Cute story by Zoё - My favorite holiday is Christmas because we get a lot of presents and we see Santa.  This is a funny story.  At my grandparents house, Santa came and when we woke up There was only half of the cookie left.  And, I also like Christmas because we give him milk and cookies.  

Snday afternoon bbq with friends

So relaxing to sit outside with the view

nice sunset

Sleeping Queens- best family game ever!  We love it!


Went to Korean place for haircuts.   Girls so pleased with their new hair!

Beautiful Girl

lots of hair cut off!

black sand beach 45 minutes away.  Nice Tuesday get away

cute besties

Holiday Inn happy hour with friends

lots of dance practice for Andie's duet

play date with slime

Had to say farewell to this lovely lady, Lucy.  She will be so missed! 

Carol out dancing!

Warren ordered this for our family. Love it!

Thursday beach trip to Uprising.  Great getaway!

Sunset shot while girls swim in pool....