Random things that only happen here

This week I've paused a few times and thought, this wouldn't happen back in the States, not in Richmond or Atlanta anyway.    

1.  At gymnastics pick up the other day I was talking to a stay at home dad (common here, not so much back home) when he said, "There's my boy with his hair chuck full of nits."  I replied, "Oh, does he have a lot right now?" He said, "Loads." My reply, "Ya- Andie too. "  Life in the tropics!  Pretty sure the conversation would go down completely different stateside.   (Those friends reading this who are super worried about us coming to visit in December, I promise we will do A LOT of  extra nit-picking before we get back.  My kids will be all clear!)  

2.  I forgot to bring money to pay for my Thai massage this week.   Many people here don't take credit cards so I was in a pinch.   They told me to just bring it next time - no worries!

3.  Every Friday our kids play soccer in the park with a bunch of other kids and their dads.  Warren and the girls are regulars in the park, but the crowd shifts according to whoever is around - dads and kids ranging from 4-10.   The game is usually boys against girls (GO GIRLS!) and most people play barefoot.  My girls LOVE it way more than any organized sport they've played.

4.  Andie has strep throat - poor thing.   Her throat looks TERRIBLE.   This would be normal for home, but my fear that she could get rheumatic fever and then rheumatic heart disease wouldn't be there.  I am SURE that the antibiotics she is on will knock it out, but it's definitely in the back of my mind here (and the doctor's too) to watch out for joint pain and rashes as indicators of rheumatic fever.   One child in every classroom here has rheumatic heart disease, originating from rheumatic fever coming from strep.   It's not uncommon.    But, again, we are on top of it- she's on antibiotics three times a day for a week and we will check her out again as soon as she's done with the antibiotics.  

5.  This morning on my way to run at the embassy, I came across this dragonfly and the long line of ants that is ever-present outside my doorway.  These ants are so normal to me now!

6.  It's been a week of catching up with good (the best) friends.   I've had some great conversations with friends who live on the other side of the world, and even managed to document a few of them!  Love these guys.

And, lastly, here are just a few random pics of the week that could happen here or anywhere!

This book is amazing.  It's a graphic novel that focuses on one girl's story during the Holocaust.   Andie has read it three times in the last five days.  It's heartbreakingly beautiful.