It's our school holidays!

We have year around school here in Suva.   It sounds terrible, but I LOVE it!  The kids go to school for 10 weeks, then have a 2 week break.   They go for 10 more weeks, and have a 3 week break.  Then 10 more weeks, followed by a two week break, followed by the final 9 weeks of school before a six week break.  They retain so much more of their learning and the breaks are just the right amount of time.   Also, we don't get stuck in any LONG period of school without breaks.   Six weeks stills feel like a nice, long summer.   

I've been reflecting on my friends here lately.  I love being surrounded by smart, talented people.  Everyone here is just so switched on.  The expat bubble we live in is well traveled, well read, and cares deeply about helping our world.  I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by them.   Of course, I still miss my friends and family at home, but I love the new friends here too.

This week was a normal week of swim practices, lots of work, goodbyes, and student led conferences.  Here are some pictures with captions telling about our week.  Enjoy!

Here is Andie and her friend Fana before swim practice.  Can't get over how old Andie is looking!

Beautiful girl!

Zoë wrote this in the beginning of the year and just shared with us at student led conferences.  Love it!  (I don't know why she has this hot-dog thing with the States!)

Our banana trees

We had a farewell for Lucy this week.  She is moving back to the UK and will be greatly missed.   Work peeps.

She seems happy with her kava bowl. 

Andie's class sang "Heal the World" at assembly this week with year 8 students.  

Some of the ISS staff before our farewell ceremony for Lucy

Mixing the kava

For the first time, I saw the head of the ceremony (Jitoko) stop and translate through the ceremony.   I loved that! 

Of course there had to be dancing!  It's amazing how much joy dancing in a line can bring!

Kids played soccer last night followed by pizza at Paradisio.  Love this view. 

Andie is doing a duet with her dance teacher.  Here she is at practice.  Love this shot!