Leleuvia, Hen Night, and eye gunk

Thursday was a public holiday here, Constitution day.  Since I don't work on Fridays, the girls and I played hookie and escaped to our favorite place in Fiji (and maybe the world) for a long holiday weekend.   I will always love the breath-taking views, complete relaxation, and total freedom for the children that Leleuvia brings.   The weather could not have been more perfect.  Unfortunately, on the first night of the stay, our dear friend, Oscar, climbed into the window of our bure (after the girls had locked the keys inside) and fell from the  window to the ground.   He had previously broken his arm and felt as if it was broken again.   Well, on a small island in the middle of the South Pacific, there is absolutely nothing you can do for a broken arm at 9pm.   So, poor Oscar had to wait until morning to catch a boat back with his mum and get back into Suva for a doctor's appointment.  It turns out he was right, it arm broke again in the same places it broke before.     We were super sad to see them go and felt so badly for Oscar, and Liz too.    We promise to go back again with them because how can we stay away from here?!?!

view from our front porch

Milla and Zoë cute as.....

We thought we were hilarious trying to recreate that cuteness.   

perfect spot to relax

Leleuvia has a new toy!  The kids played for HOURS on this everyday- so much fun, but sunburn too....

view from my reading chair

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Dave and I post big snorkel, sitting at the bar

walk around the island, low tide

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happy kids

full moon all weekend, red moon rising - amazing!

Andie being "rescued" from the trampoline from her friend, Oliver

I hopped up from these two guys to take a quick pic before returning to my spot in between them.

time to go- boo

We got home after a fun weekend and took some time to clean up, nit pick, shower, etc. before we had an unexpected hen party at our house!   I had agreed to host a party for Renee's "hen night" but the date had never been confirmed.  One hour before party time I got a phone call that the party was happening!   I was surprised, but happy to have everyone come over nonetheless.  Unfortunately, I have very few pics of the bride to be, but I'll take a lot of photos in two weeks at her wedding!  We played some bridal party games (super cute), ate a lot of food, and had some good baby cuddling time with Kathryn's sweet newborn.    It was fun!    Here are the few photos I snapped...

Andie LOVED this baby!!!

Zoë did too, even when he cried

Renee, beautiful bride in the middle among her guests!

 Lastly, we've been fighting some serious skin stuff over here!   Poor Zoë has had 8 styes and 3 boils in the past seven weeks!   Andie has had six styes.     They won't go away!!!!  I finally took them to the doctor and got dosed up on every kind of antibiotic possible, oral, eye ointment, eye drops, ointment for Z's nose where she had two boils.   These poor kids!  We've been showering non-stop, using only one clean towel for them each, and washing their eyes with gentle baby shampoo to keep them clean.   Today is the first day that they look normal for a long time!  Fingers crossed this doesn't happen again!!!!      I only have these two pics of Zoë as evidence, but she looks pretty normal in these compared to how bad it got!
Her nostril is swollen here from the boil and her eye doesn't look great

swollen eye- waiting to see doctor

Found these two asleep like this in the morning.  SOOOOO sweet


  1. I agree, leleuvia is the most beautiful and relaxing place in the world (that I've come across!)


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