Club Swim meet

Andie swam in her first club swim meet yesterday.   For the past three years she has competed in the school national swim meets, but she has been swimming with a club(team) since last October so she is now eligible to compete with the teams.   It was a super fun day that started early and ran long.   She did an AMAZING job!  I'm so proud of her for just giving it a go!   I mean it's so nerve wracking walking up to the block and swimming in front of a huge crowd.  I hate swimming when my heart is pounding with nerves, so I am super impressed that she does it so well!  Her times were impressive too! 

She doesn't love swim practice at all, but she loves to compete!  These competitions keep her heart into swimming.   Check it out!

Ready to go bright and early and in the pouring rain!

lots of time to just hang out with friends during the meet

first event (50 back)

walking up ready to go!

I was so proud of Andie for her three swimming events, but my heart swelled the most when I saw her cheering relentlessly for one of her closest friends.    She waited until she was done and helped her get out of the pool, then hugged her in joy!

right before their 100 freestyle, Johno and Andie in the marshaling tent