Last week

It's been one week since we broke the news and it's made it feel pretty real.  Every thing I do, I keep thinking, "lean in."   But....we really have so  long left here!  Six months is a long time.   We have loads of time to spend quality time with friends and experience Fiji to the fullest.   This past week has been a fairly normal week.   I'll tell some of it through pictures:

I love all of our fruit here.   I'm obsessed with coconut water and love our road side snack stands.   I also love/hate how we only eat what is in season.   Our avocado tree is going nuts right now (yum) and mango season just ended (we missed most of it).

These are the apples we buy year round.  I think they are probably the feed apples for animals used elsewhere, but they work for us.   They are probably the only produce we regularly buy that is not local.

The water has been particularly pretty this week.

Mere came by as a nice little surprise.    She's doing so well in school!  

Isn't it amazing the difference a power wash makes?!

Dropping Mere back off at home.  

Saturday night we went to friends' for a lovely meal and good company.  It was really fun!  

On Sunday we had some friends over but first went to Colo I Suva for a hike through the rain forest.  It was the perfect perfect excursion for a hot day.    I still haven't done the rope swing there so I promised the girls (and am putting it in writing) that I will do it before we leave here.   I'm scared but I'll do it!  I probably should have done it when it was so hot outside! 

Go Andie!

Go Zoë

It's been musical beds in our house lately.  The kids have been coming into our bed almost nightly.  Need to make a change soon--   

I finally took my camera on our morning run.   I love this run and don't think I'll ever tire of it.   Yes, it's a little hot....but those views! 

I think I'll frame this one

Some of our yummy local fruit and garlic

lice picking- all clear after one week of school!

Zoë came into our bed.  Warren came into our bed and started snoring.  Andie came into our bed and I was squeezed out.  No room for mama anymore.  I moved to Zoë's bed.  She came shortly followed by Andie.  Turns out three us in twin bed and Warren alone in king bed.  OMG.  I'm still tired!

Am I turning into an Aussie?  I love this stuff now!  Esp with avocado!

So, did I mention we have a cat?   Well, sort of....  There is a stray cat who has been hanging around our house.  We really like having her around.  We feed her twice a day and she's not shy to cuddle up.  But.....Warren and I are both allergic and there is no way we let her in our house.   She's an outside stray that we've named Ginger and we've all sort of fallen for her.  Lately, I was thinking she looked a little bit skinny for how often we feed her.  I was worried she may have worms and I was also thinking she probably needs to get spayed.   So......Jeli helped me get her into this cat carrier (Thanks Tricia for lending) and I took her to the SPCA.   We waited for a long time to see a vet and found out she's actually quite healthy!  She has a little eye infection but it's just a virus and she is the appropriate weight.  Also, the vet believes she's definitely been around humans before as she is not afraid of us at all.  She thinks someone was probably feeding her and then moved or left her.  I made an appt for next Thursday to get her spayed.  The whole time I was at the vet with her, I thought I was going to scratch my eyes out and couldn't stop sneezing.      I had to rely on the vet to shove her back into the carrier.  Lord only knows if I'll get her in again for her next appointment.     I don't know why but the whole experience seemed comical to me.  Why am I taking this random stray cat to the vet, sneezing the whole way?   Just makes me laugh. 

Warren and I had a nice little date last night after meet the teacher night.... came home to the sleeping beauty can she sleep in all those heavy clothes?!