Dinner conversation

Last week was a normal week with the exception of Valentine's Day in the middle of the week.   We went to Tiko's, the floating restaurant as a surprise for the girls.  They love that place and feel like it's the fanciest place in all of Suva.   We went straight from gymnastics to meet Warren there.  He was waiting outside with three roses for us (shipped from NZ as there are none here- bought from local vendor).   It was a really windy night which makes for a topsy turvy dinner when you are on a boat.  
The kids loved it thought.    I did too actually- not for the boat allure or because of the food, but because it was one of those nights where we had rich conversations and lots of laughs.   

Andie is studying children's rights right now in school.  They've been learning about some really heavy stuff (child slavery, child soldiers, child abuse, etc.).    She's completely engaged.    We spoke about it at dinner and  Warren asked her, "Does it seem unfair to you now that you have all of the privileges you have?"  She immediately said, "No.  That's not unfair at all.  What is unfair is that other kids don't have what I have."   He asked, "What do you think you can do about that?" She replied, "Right now there is not a lot I can do on a big level except try to know about it, but when I grow up I am going to get a job with UNICEF or another organization that protects children's rights."  We talked a bit about that and the question arose, "What if you have to live all over the world to do that work?" and she answered, "I want to travel and see the world but I will have to check in with my family first.  If my husband and kids are not as excited to travel I'll have to do the job from one place."  I just love that she's thinking about this stuff.   

We talked about the highlights of the girls' days (regular dinner conversation) and both girls said it was when I was in their classroom doing a lesson about worries.   This led to, "What do each of us worry about the most?"   Warren answered that he worries if we will be ok financially when we retire.  I had no idea at all that he worries about that! He does a lot to set us up, but I didn't know it was a worry of his.   Andie said she knows she worries but she doesn't really remember why until she's in the middle of a worry.   When she is she can let us know.  Zoë immediately says she worries about IT classes.   Every night before computer classes she worries, feeling like she is no good at computers.   I said that almost all of my worries have to do with the girls.   They were confused so I clarified with the example, "I worry if we are doing the right thing by you.  I worry if we are in the right place and if we should have you away from the States or if we should be moving, etc."   Andie immediately responded, "Mommy, I'm better because of how we live.   You all have made me better! You shouldn't worry about that."   I cried.  Right there at the table, I teared up like a big baby.   In my gut, I do think our lifestyle is making them better people, but it's just so incredible to hear it from her.   I don't think I'll ever forget it - I probably need to hold on to that nugget for when she is a teenager and telling me I've ruined her life!

I've been communicating with the current resident of the house we will have in Madagascar.  It's so weird.  We've gotten pictures and the girls are already staking out their rooms.  The whole thing makes me feel excited and sad and just weird.   I don't want to be in exit mode.  I just want to be here and soak in everything.   At the same time, I can't help but think about things especially when I'm getting pictures and information.   The girls have had a lot more questions as well.   I just don't know what to think about all of it!

This week there was another horrible school shooting in the States.  The 18th this year.9 (in six weeks).    It's disgusting and sad and horrific.  It hurts my heart to be a part of such a country where this happens so regularly.   I don't understand how we got here. I don't understand how people can support the lack of gun regulations.   I've tried to understand but I just don't get how little to no regulations on these weapons is worth killing kids.  I  have to say, I don't know ONE person here in Fiji that believes United States is on the right track when it comes to gun ownership.  No one here gets it.  I've talked to so many people from a lot of varying countries and everyone thinks that we are gun hungry crazies.    I know people from home that don't want any regulations, but world wide, I believe this is a SMALL minority backed by what I believe has now become an extremely wealthy terrorist organization (NRA).     I just don't get it.   

Anyway, here are some pictures from this past week+.   It's been a good one.    Separate post coming with weekend getaway pics.  

Kids playing while Liz and I relaxed over dim sum.  Lazy Sunday

Love all the green and blue in our lives

crazy sunsets this week

showed the kids Mama Mia.  They loved it just like me!

beautiful way to wake up for a run

Double rainbow!

Zoë's class has swimming this week and next.  

Andie's class had it last week

My growing girl!

Valentines Day treat from Bebe and PapPap.  Very happy family!

Almost all playdates start with a swim and end with a bubble bath

Special Valentines Day dinner at Tikos


bathroom shot

Our new house in Mada

Saw this bus break down and within two minutes all of these guys had jumped out of the windows and started pushing.  Talk about a community!

Hosted book club at my house after reading this book.  Great night.

Have been doing cross-fit with these ladies twice a week.  I love it.  Still need to drop the holiday weight, but slowly slowly getting there. 

One of Andie's best friend's had a birthday yesterday.  She went over for a play and some cake.   Love this girl!

Taxi ride home.  Bula shirt.  Fiji flag.  Palm tree air freshener.  SO Fiji

Woke up to this little guy on the porch this morning!   Hello crabbie!