The week, happily boring until it wasn't for a bit...

Our telephone wire has fallen due to a falling palm leave from the coconut tree, so who knows when I’ll actually be able to post this.   The company says it will take three days to address this fallen wire (which is low lying in the street) but that could mean one week….so I’ll write for now and maybe it will get out one day soon.   I guess I’ve gotten more used to this sort of thing that happens here in Fiji regularly.  Today our gas line was leaking under the stove.  Someone came to look at and now we need a new stove.  Who knows how long that will take too.  Until it’s resolved, we will have to walk outside to turn on and off the gas anytime we want to cook anything. 

I took the cat to get spayed today.   I feel so badly for her, but it’s best.  Most owners would keep the cat in one place to keep an eye on her post surgery, but Ginger is truly an outdoor cat.   I’ll take extra care to keep an eye on her this week though.  Poor baby.

Both girls had sleepovers last week and both seem to be settling into school smoothly.  Andie is studying children’s rights and has a project on child abuse due soon.   Zoe went on a field trip yesterday and got to hold a snake.   Both seem happy.   Warren and I have busily been preparing for our Aussie holiday in March.  Can’t wait! 

Gosh….I think I’m out of words lately.   Our everyday life just seems so normal.   Normal is good but boring to write about!   Anyway, I’ll let the pictures tell the stories.  

I wrote all of this yesterday. I guess I was just asking for something exciting to happen without even knowing it.   I picked up GinGin (the cat) from getting spayed yesterday and poor baby was so out of it with these huge stitches on her tummy.   She could barely walk due to the anaesthesia.  I felt so badly for her.  I got a big box and a fluffy towel for her to lay on outside and hoped for the best.  The vet told me if she pulls her stitches her intestines could fall out and she would die.   She suggested that I find a basement or empty room for her to be in just for the  night so she could just sleep in peace and heal up.   After looking at her for 3 minutes outside, Warren and I decided to put her inside in our guest bathroom.   She's never been inside and we are both very allergic so we thought she could just rest in the bathroom overnight and then we'd put her back outside tomorrow.  

We checked on her several times throughout the evening and she was definitely groggy.  Well, Warren went to check on her before going to bed and she had escaped!  She tore through the screen on the open window (which I opened to give her a little air) and squeezed through our bars to jump at least five feet down to a small bench and then jump again.  This was everything she was NOT SUPPOSED to be doing!   We both freaked out.  We couldn't find her anywhere.   There was not blood on the window so we were slightly encouraged she could be ok, but let's just say, neither of us slept well and both of us ventured outside several times in search of GinGin.   P.S. It was raining all night.   This morning I searched long and hard again in the daylight and still no sign of her.  I pretty much figured she died. I wondered why I ever got involved with this cat to begin with.   Ugh.   

I had to tell Andie and Zoё what happened and Andie was in tears while Zoё pronounced that she was probably dead.   But....hallelujah!  About an hour after the girls left who should wonder up but Ginger looking just fine!    Thank goodness!    So happy to see her, but could have gone without that excitement overnight!

Happy sleepover girls


Ran a 10k race last Saturday and nearly died of the heat and exhaustion!

Sweet best friends- love their closeness!

Warren spent a long time putting bikes together last Saturday!

went to our favorite local chinese place and had the back room all to ourselves.  fun

Andie worked on this all day Sunday.  I love it!

water on the trampoline....brings back such childhood memories!

went to Nic and Tricia's for a little happy hour, love watching the kids play

and swim

and love this crew

and sunset

Andie and Tarisma- great friends

Andie made the school production!  This is a big deal! I'm so proud of her! She's one of a few primary students who made it after the audition!  I truly believe she was made for the stage!   

sunset at our house

What happens when we read Australian books - kids think an eraser is called a rubber now....Could cause problems down the road.....

the sunsets lately have blown me away

lots of night swiming

I'll miss this house

Brave girl on excursion with school

my coconut baby

cute puppy at SPCA ( I saw a man at SPCA asking for money because his house burned down.  I gave him a little money but I just feel like I should have given him more.   I keep thinking about  him....)

Ginger after we got home.  Poor baby.

Last night's sunset

Typical night in my house.  Bathing suits on from swim team.  Dance party every night.  Crazy sunset that no one seems to notice despite my raving!

Look who came back this morning!!!!!