Australia- Great Ocean Road and Melbourne again

So, I am back home again.  Yay!    It was a long day of travel yesterday and we are in the middle of a cyclone now but I'm here and so are my parents so all is right with the world.  Tomorrow we are off on another adventure (if weather is willing) and kids are still sleeping- so here's my chance to update the last part of Aus trip.  I LOVED the Great Ocean Road.  Wow, it's beautiful!   The backdrop there is breathtaking.  

We pulled into "town" Wednesday afternoon and settled into our lovely Airbnb.  THe first thing we noticed was all of the kangaroo poop in the yard!   The second thing we noticed was the beautiful view.  Having a view really makes such a difference in life.   (I am so sad to be leaving ours).  We had a good homemade pasta meal and enjoyed the sunset.   The girls were playing inside when Warren and I saw the first kangaroo jumping right through the yard! 

kangaroo poo

the view

chilly evenings!

The next morning we had a lazy morning and then went down to the beach with Liz and Andy and fam.    Wow! What a beach!   The cliffs and the water were so beautiful!  That evening we met Liz to search for kangaroos and to check out the lighthouse and local vistas before heading to Airey's Pub for a snack while the kids ran around at sunset.  It was a delightful evening.  We came home to an awesome STEAK dinner!  

When in Aus....

These cockatoos are like Australian's bird pests- wild and free!

loving the cockatoos

too cool Andy!

jellyfish burial

kangaroos in the distance

The next few pics are Andie's when she was taking pics of "us"

Thursday morning we awoke to a huge roo in the yard!   We also got to feed some cockatoos and look at a king parrot in the tree.   Then Liz and I went on a great bush walk.  We didn't see any koalas but we did get lost and found our way out thanks to google maps!  We waited around inside by the fire (it was cold!) for Ms. Lauren (Andie's other utmost favorite teacher) to arrive!  She drove down from Melbourne to spend the day with all of us!  It was so nice!  We drove a beautiful 15 minutes further down the Great Ocean Road to Lorne.   We took another beach walk there and just soaked in the sights.    That night we ate all of our leftovers and sat outside with blankets and hats!   


leftover dinner

Unfortunately we had to leave the beach on Saturday even though we felt we could have stayed for ages.  That morning we met Liz's family at the skate park at the inlet and they offered to watch the kids while we hiked up to the light house.   Yes! It was such a nice walk!  We decided to venture back by way walking around the bend on the beach into the inlet.   OMG.  We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into as the tide was rolling in!   It was probably nothing, but I was freaking out as we crossed the rocks.  The huge coffee I drank (loaded with icecream) and the adrenaline rush I had was making me like a crazy person!   The worst thing that could have happened would have been for us to fall in the ocean and get wet.  No big deal but I was fearful nonetheless.    When we accomplished it, it was a huge rush! I was so happy!  It was awesome!

After we said goodbye to our friends, we drove to the golf course in Anglese so we could see some kangaroos!  We heard there were tons there so we got to take a family golf cart tour to look at roos.   The members of the golf course volunteer to do the tours.  We saw dozens and dozens of kangaroos that live on the course!  So cool!   

Afterwards we drove to Melbourne for the final Airbnb.   Warren went to a footy game with Andy while the girls and I stayed in, ordered pizza, and watched Moana (which made me cry- damn Disney).  

that's the corner we crossed

starting to make our way


That's what we crossed

Phew! we made it!

Love these guys!

lots of kangaroos at the golf course


For our last day in Melbourne we went to the famous Victoria Market and ate very well again- mussels, smoothies, oysters, baklava....yum.    After we took the tram to Federation Square and caught a free show for kids as part of the International Comedy Festival.   Next we went to an incredible show, the KIDS BRATS SHOW in a famous theater at the arts center.  It was AWESOME!  The kids loved it and so did Warren and I.  It was hilarious because the guys who did it typically do a cabaret adult show  and it was so obvious.  They were clearly very talented strippers but the kids had no idea.   They just enjoyed the athleticism and talent.  We were asked not to take pictures- but the pictures are in my mind!   It was fun.    AFterwards, we walked over to the river and had some delicious sushi at a restaurant and went for ice cream afterwards.  It was a really nice final day. 

the market

the free show

kids show

adult show

free kombucha!

We traveled for 12 hours from door to door, but we finally made it home under perilous cyclonic conditions!  My parents were home waiting for us!!!!  Yay!!!!!   It was soooooo nice to see them when we got home!   We had a good night catching up and playing a little music!   More adventures to come!