Cyclone and Leleuvia

Last week Cyclone Keni came through Fiji and luckily didn't do TOO much damage here in Suva, but there is damage and massive flooding elsewhere.  Keni provided an opportunity for me, my parents, and the girls and Warren to sit inside all day and watch the rain.  We played games, watched tv, and caught up.   My parents idea of an adventure probably didn't include a category 3 cyclone but they got through it ok.   

The next day we went to Leleuvia!  The weather did a complete turn around and we were able to enjoy Leleuvia in all it's glory.  It was incredibly windy and there was some annoying construction going on, but even still....Leleuvia didn't disappoint.   I was nervous my parents may think it's a bit too "rustic" but they were happy - really happy.   It is simply magical there.....   

Rain, rain, rain, and more rain

Blindfold make-up

sunset after TC Keni passed through

on the way!
Getting closer

toes in the water

so much debris on beach after storm

perfect place to plop down and watch sunset the first night...

making a raft

walk around the island

almost to the end of walk


Love this one.  Happy mama

Leleuvia from afar

coconut sprouting palm tree

baby palm

happy kiddo

Mom and I walked out to that sandbar.   It was awesome!

walk back to car....