Week at home with parents

After we returned from Leleuvia, we've had a fairly normal week.  On Saturday the girls swam in a swim meet.  Zoё was soooo worried about it and felt anxious about it all day, but in the end she did wonderfully!   It was a long day, but I'm so glad my parents got to see the kids in their element.  That night we went to Laura and Villy's house for a lovo.  My parents loved the company and so did we!   It was a lovely evening.   

After being away for so long, we just chilled on Sunday.  The kids had a birthday party and while they were there Mom and I ran a few errands and found ourselves at GPH for an hour or so.  It was a beautiful place to just sit and be.   Mom feels like in her last life she lived with a lot of money and creature comforts in a colonial time, so she fit right in!   I worked on Monday and Wednesday this week so on Tuesday we headed to Pacific Harbour for the day.  It was very windy but pretty!   SO nice we can get away to the beach even just for a few hours.   We also went to a yummy dinner at Eden.  It's fun having my parents here so I can show them our daily lives....  Off to a villa tomorrow and then they head home.  More soon-

These two


Zoe pre-race

Andie pretending to love cava
scarey stories

ghost stories in the tent

Ginger got insidde!

Happy 10th birthday sweet Emilia!



sunrise run

sleeping beauties

picture of a picture!

the Pearl

Love it!

sunset last night