Parent visit +

It's been a week and I finally have time now to sit down and write about the time with my parents.  Again, I'm super impressed that my parents are up for the adventure of travel here and back (2.5 crazy days of transport).  They did all that and they hardly even complained.   I think they thought it was worth the family time.   

After a nice week at home, we all traveled to a villa at Natadola Beach for a few days.   Our dear friends Liz, Andy, Tricia, and Nic and all their kids came along too.  It was SO nice to all be together for a few days and for my parents to get the opportunity to meet our close friends here.  I think my parents got a glimpse of how much our friends are like family here and our friends got to see a bit more about me and my roots.  Dad entertained us all with stories of Texas and enjoyed bird watching at the villa and Mom LOVED hanging at the Intercontinental next door - watching the waves, the kids, and the amazing views.   The trip was full of laughs, sunsets, wave jumping, story telling and star gazing.  It was the perfect way to end my parents' stay in Fiji.   

It was sort of sad to say goodbye but not too much because we will see them again SO soon- in July.   I CANNOT believe our departure date is getting that much closer.  I am in denial - but that's another post entirely.  

gymnastics at the holiday inn

Andie walked in from a play date last Thursday night looking like this.  I felt like she aged years in one day.   How is my sweet baby girl getting so big???   She amazes me. 

Mom got this amazing shot our first night at the villa.  

Great times in the waves

Good morning Natadola!  (Warren and I went on a run together)

Post run- Tricia and I went to local street vendors to get some veggies for dinner.   As soon as we left resort property we felt ridiculous in what we were wearing....

Infinity pool at intercon (Adults only)  I snuck away on two separate occasions and loved every minute in that pool!

Fresh fruit for brekkie at villa

watching everyone enjoy the waves at sunset

We had a huge feast- so good!

morning run again

beautiful Intercon

Mom enjoying the adult pool

Getting braids

walk home from the beach/braids

saying goodbye to Warren

Dad checking out birds

kids made sailboat

testing the boat

back home to our sunset

and clouds

start of GPH run

Guess Who Playdate

Nice to be greeted by friends at school
also love getting these notes!

coconut crabs

Mochi (kitten) has made him/herself comfortable on our grill

figured out he/she lives under the house

Men "working" on road outside our house

Guess what?!!!

Reid is coming to visit!!!!!  (VERY excited girl)

swim team practice