a glimpse into the future, enjoying the present, and a piece of the past

This weekend had it all- past, present, future.  Friday night we had Sheila and Radu over for dinner.  We live in such a small world.   Sheila did Peace Corps in Madagascar where she met her husband, Radu.   Later, she worked for Peace Corps in Fiji!  Then, she worked for the embassy in Madagascar again and now works for embassy in Fiji (with other places in-between).   Anyway, our worlds have and will overlap a lot.  They know SO much about Madagascar and besides that, they are just cool to hang out with.   It was great getting a deeper understanding and glimpse into our future in Mada and talking about life here too.....even compared to Madagascar.   I am quickly getting the picture that life here and life in Mada will be very different - but enriching nonetheless.  

Sheila, Radu and us

Andie had a swim club dinner so she missed out on our dinner, but had a great time celebrating her national successes from the national long course competition last weekend.  She got home late and happy.  

Andie and her relay teams


On Saturday I went for a great run (the weather is getting cooler!) with Laura and Sarah Jane then we got ourselves together for a night away at the Warwick.  I love going to the Warwick for the  night.  It's an easy 1.5 hour drive away and it's just so pretty.   It may not be the perfect place, but it's great. 
Tricia and kids and Ben and Lucy and kids joined us for the night away and it was lovely.   We all enjoyed the most beautiful sunset and then because there is a kids club we got to drop the kids off after they ate dinner and we all went to the Wicked Walu, the adult only restaurant right on the water.  It was so good!   We are getting to that point where everything we do it's the last.  This was probably our last time there.   Sad - but still nice.

Lunch stop

Oh man, these kids have it good!

the crew

swimming out to meet Andie on the dock

This was for 5 of us and we couldn't finish it!

Sunday was a beautiful day (we heard it was rainy in Suva) and after a short workout we had an adult only brekkie while kids were in kids club.  We were able to just sit and enjoy the view amidst very loud Italian music.   Kids came around after breakfast and we lounged around together until it was time to go home.   Right when we were packing up we noticed that Zoё's blankie was missing.  Warren and I had left it in the room and housekeeping had already come!   Oh man, that thing is a grey little rag and anyone who would see it would throw it away no doubt.  Zoё was quickly unraveling so we decided we'd try housekeeping. 

After about 45 minutes of back and forth between the room, different housekeepers, and the supervisors we decided we had to go back.  I felt sooooooo sad for Zoё.  She's had that blankie the whole time we've been here and another one since she was a baby.  She secretly carries it everywhere with her.   She needs it to sleep and while she may be old enough to get rid of it, this transition in our lives is not the time.   After I left a note at the front desk saying if an old grey rag was found to call me we slowly made our way to the car.  We figured it was a lost cause.

Right when I was getting into the car, the most beautiful lady came out holding the grey, little, loved, knotted up, worn blankie.  I was so happy that I hugged her and Zoё nearly cried all over again.   Our little piece of the past was found!  Phew..... we could all go home happy.   What a great Mother's Day gift-  all of it...the blankie retrieval, the beautiful weekend, my lovely cards and gifts, and just being together here.

made my heart melt


Here are a few random shots from the week as well:

I'll miss this house

We saw I Feel Pretty- It was good!

One of the hardest Cross Fit workouts I've done so far!

Always making chia seed pudding!  Can't keep up!

Warren has gotten WAY into the art of making the cocktail, much to my benefit - or maybe my demise...