Zoe's bday party

Today in Fiji Zoё turns 8.  I can't believe I have an 8 and 9 year old!  (I always like these two months when people ask how old my kids are because I can make it seem like they are only a year apart and it makes me feel like a bad ass mama).   Anyway, time has flown.   Tonight we will celebrate with our family by going out to her favorite place for dinner and dessert.  This morning she got to open her presents from family.    

Last weekend we celebrated with her friends.  On Saturday she had a small birthday party with close friends.   They had a blast!  They swam in the pool, decorated cupcakes, and did a long scavenger hunt.   Smiles all around.  Then two friends slept over.  

On Sunday we went to the movies and then our Fiji family (friends) came over to celebrate as well.   Overall it was SO special.    Next up, her birthday letter. 

I caught these two hugging like this on the porch.

so much fun!  Each kid is from a different country- New Zealand, Fiji/Aus, Australia, Lebanon, USA, UK, Austria

Milla made this special cake for Zoё

roller skates from Bebe and PapPap!

Feeling cool in new shirt from Amma!