neighors to Aussie land

A lot of the expats here are Aussies, as are most of the tourists when you go to the hotels.   I am just getting to know some fabulous people, many of them Australians.   I love learning the language differences!   They are subtle and usually things I can figure out in context, but sometimes I have to ask.  For instance, a friend recently told me she sees a patient every fortnight.  I was thinking, "at night?  every night?  What?"  It means every 2 weeks.   She text me that she would see me in the arvo and I thought her phone auto-corrected, but arvo or arvie is afternoon in Aussie slang.  While I was getting my hair highlighted today by a new Australian friend, she used the word Yank...which I just figured out means an American.   Every time I get off the phone with one friend, she says something like, "Ok, mate...see you Sunday."  She always greets me with, "How ya goin'?"  I like it.   Many of the girls' books they bring home from the library are also written in Australia.  I almost feel like I should read them with an accent.  Check out this page of a Cinderella fairy tale.

Scallywags, shelia's and dolly's

Me trying to look very serious in a selfie...showing off my new highlights!  It's been 7 years since I've had them!  Yay for fun, new things.  Maybe next time I'll go even more blonde!

Yesterday we ate dinner at the same Australian friend's house.  Check out her map.  I wonder if all maps look like this in Australia.  It''s funny because in the states, our maps make it look like we are the center of the earth.   I guess it all depends where you buy your map.

World Map

I love that we are getting to know people from all different parts of the world.  I hope that it helps to show my kids that the world is a wee bit bigger than their backyard.

P.S.  I have to give a shout out to Yael for mailing us our first care package here!  She is taking care of our brains and our bellies!  Thanks friend!!!



  2. Hey Kate - It's sheila (from boot camp not the story above :-) enjoying yout blog BTW. Saw this today and thought of you:

    it talks about how much of what we read is anglocentric

    here are the Fiji selections:

    Fiji Peter Thomson Kava in the Blood / Epeli Hau’ofa Kisses in the Nederends;Tales of the Tikongs / Mikaele M.K. Yasa Of Baluka and Nibong Palm

    1. Thanks for sharing Sheila! Hope boot camp is going well!


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