My mom has got to get eye surgery tomorrow.  She's understandably nervous.  She has a condition that is causing her to get surgery so she can keep her vision.  Because of this surgery, she will have to lay face down for the next 7 days, minimally.   She and Dad secured two massage chairs to help in this process, but she is definitely dreading it.   She really cannot move around for 7 days.   It's worth it to keep her vision, but she's not expecting it to be pleasant.  I wish I could be there with her to read to her or listen to podcasts with her...anything.   Please send her your thoughts, good energy, prayers, positive vibes etc through this recovery.   I love you Mom and I know you can do this!  


  1. Kate-
    You know I will do ANYTHING You need for me to do for your mom. Please let me know.
    Love you all!

    1. Thanks Bestie! Maybe give them a call tomorrow and see if there is anything you can do. I know they'd appreciate it.


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