Morning Drive

This morning on my drive to help out Andie's class at the pool, I was very aware of my surroundings.  There is such contrast in  my daily morning commute in Atlanta and the morning commute here in Suva.   While there is traffic in both Atlanta and Suva, that is about the only thing in common between the two.   So much is different.  No wonder my brain/senses were working overtime when we first got here.  There is a lot to take in.   

Don't worry, I only took photos at stoplights or while standing still on the road.    There was so much more I wanted to capture (local housing, all the people jaywalking, the crazy roundabouts) , but couldn't do so safely.   While you look at the photos, picture island music on the radio and people driving crazy.   There seems be to very little rules here when it comes to driving.  People pass each other all of the time on one lane roads and there is no real way to tell if roads are one lane or two.  Sometimes I get nervous and sometimes I'm totally comfortable.   

early morning traffic

Lots of taxis here.  So easy to catch one from my street, at any hour.  It's like we live in NYC!

This is one of the many roundabouts.   You always yield to those on the right.  

Those golden arches are the same anywhere!  

bus stop area

public bus.  Warren takes the bus in the morning.  

just jaywalking in the middle of the cars

This is my favorite grocery store and very close to our house.  Vodofone and Digicel are two competing phone companies.   


  1. Thanks for posting these Kate! This looks like a beautiful commute... it looks like there is a lot of green around you! :-)


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