I am so ecstatic!   A friend has recommended the amazing, fabulous, super de-louser.... the nit fairy herself, Seine.  A HUGE burden  has been lifted!   This is Seine. (Say-Nee).   She happened to fall into the booming business here of "nit picking".    I've decided to have her come once a week to de-louse/nit-pick the girls' hair.   She spends about 1.5 hours on each girl and half an hour on me.... going through each strand of hair, looking for anything suspicious.    She's extremely thorough and has found the littlest pieces of things in their hair (sand, dandruff, and so far....2-3 hatched shells of lice).   She is coming once a week and I am combing out once a week.    Yes, we are down to prevention now... and it's only twice a week!  This means we have our afternoons back.  No more 2 hours of screen time every day!   We can have play dates, do homework, and swim after school!   I am SO thankful to Seine as a second pair of eyes helping me combat this problem.   She's amazing and she doesn't cost hundreds of dollars like the lice ladies in the states.   (Her rate comes NO where close at $4.50 FJD an hour).     A bonus is she's wonderful to talk to.  I've already learned so much about Fiji customs and lifestyles from her.  She has a fabulous smile and the kids love her too!   (Do I hear choirs singing in the background???)

Also, another great thing....  some of the bootcamp ladies donated and we now have a FAN at the YMCA!    Wow...it's a huge difference.    Amazing!