Valentines and beyond

Before Quiz Night

Happy belated Valentine’s Day from Fiji.   We had a stay at home, lazy weekend again.  I’ve not been feeling well, so I haven’t been up for too much.   I have a sore throat and generally just feeling weak/yucky.   I truly think part of it may just be the heat.  Three of our air conditioners are broken in the house.  It’s SO hot to me.  I know that the very large majority of this country lives without air conditioning and they do just fine.  I know it sounds spoiled of me to complain about the lack of air conditioning, especially when I still have it in my bedroom…but I guess that’s what I am doing.  Maybe next year at this time, I’ll be more adjusted to the heat.   It’s so hot and humid outside right now that my sunglasses fog up every time I walk outside.  Luckily, our house has a lot of windows, so we are able to open up the windows for whatever breeze may come through.  I need to buy a few fans because I know that would really help.   The landlord is supposed to send over a third set of repairmen to look at it sometime today…so hopefully they will get fixed this week.  (Wrote this a few days ago.  The third set of repair men have come….they said the same as the first and second set.  Now just waiting for it to get approved by landlord and get fixed.   I’ve bought a fan, but am still pretty incapacitated by the heat.  I totally understand why Nordic countries are more productive then island nations or just countries living in extreme heat).   I’ve been a bit lazy…. or in the pool.  I've actually taken to taking a cold shower twice a day!  It helps so much!  Extreme heat sucks the life out of me.   (Although, I also think I have a touch of a cold too). 

On Friday night, Warren and I did go out to a quiz night to benefit a local charity.  It was loads of fun.   Afterwards, most of the people we went to the quiz night with went home to their children, but Warren and I weren’t ready to go home yet,  so we invited our child-less friends out for a late night happy hour at the Grand Pacific Hotel and then to a  local bar, Rectangles, for some dancing.   One of the friends who met us out is a former Peace Corps Volunteer from Fiji who is currently married to a Fijian.  (They both came out with us).   She told me that in the village when Fijians dance together they don’t look each other in the eye or touch one another.  It turns out to be this cute Fijian shuffle.   The music was great and the people watching was better.   After Rectangles, we went to the “younger” club next door just for one drink and then headed home for a 1AM arrival for our sitter.   Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m nearly 40.  I want to just have fun and be out and go dancing.   However, I always feel like I’m 40 the next morning when my children wake me up at 5:30.  

On Saturday we had a lazy pool/jigsaw puzzle kind of day.  By the evening the girls really wanted to get out, so they decided Daddy should take all of us on a Valentines Day date.   They picked out my entire outfit from the dress to bra and underwear down to the very fancy jewelry.  (Besides being very over dressed for Fiji, they did a great job!)   They got dressed up too and we went to a close restaurant for an early dinner.  Pretty sure we ruined our friend’s romantic date since we got sat 6 inches away from them and the rest of the restaurant was empty.  Oops.   But, the girls had fun and behaved SO well for a white table cloth restaurant.  (Of course there was bribery involved).  

Family Selfie
Does he looked pleased to take the whole family out?  He was.

Super happy with special lemonade

Andie loved sushi sashimi!
The only others in the restaurant when we got there.

Andie’s class has swimming this week and next for school.  It’ so cool.  All of year 1/First grade goes to the huge Olympic pool for swim lessons every day this week and next.  They spend 1 hour every morning in the pool.  I think that swimming is such an integral part of life here, it’s important to everyone that the kids know how to swim.   Andie’s doing great.   After the school swimming ends, I am going to get both of them in swim lessons/team.  

Otherwise, we’ve been busy with play dates, more birthday parties, and crazy hot exercise for me.  I have been running early in the morning with a friend and just in general enjoying all of the new friends I am making.  I hope that I continue to get closer and feel more settled here as time goes on.   It’s looking positive.   

I am sure I'll stop taking sunset pictures from our porch one day!

Trying out the new panoramic camera on I-phone