Fiji Fashion Week

Our models

the group of us before the resort wear show

Mom, you asked me to post some of the pictures from fashion week so here you go.......

This year Fiji Fashion week was delayed due to Cyclone Winston.  The week of events was last week instead of May, but it was just as grand as last year's events.   I went to the charity luncheon on Tuesday, the kids show on Wednesday, and the Resort Wear show on Thursday night.  We were out of town for the trendsetters and couture show, but I heard wonderful things about them.   This year I was not as blown away with all the differences in Fiji fashion nor did I notice the models as being so different from the States.  Actually, they really do have all types of models here, but I think I am just more used to it now.  I am also realizing that maybe I am not really all that into fashion.  I like to look good and feel fashionable....I just don't like to put a lot of energy into it.  I don't know that I really have an eye for it, except for when I put it on...I know if I like it or not.   It's all about how I feel in it.  I'm not great at keeping up with trends, which is probably a good thing for living in Fiji.

Anyway, Andie came with me to the kids show and the resort wear show.  She was very enthralled, until she wasn't.   She bored after a few designers.  Maybe she's like me...or maybe she's just too young.  Anyway, a friend of mine went too and blogged about it here.  Her blog describes it all well.

Here are a few pictures from the shows that I went to....

the girls with Miss Hibiscus

they had a fashion design competition at the kids' show

children's show

Resort Wear

Charity Luncheon
my beautiful friend who won best dressed at charity luncheon and she made the whole outfit herself!!!
Resort Wear
Like this Bula shirt for Warren


  1. Thanks for posting this blog! Yes, I really enjoy seeing what is happening fashion wise in Fiji. I imagine that Andie would like to actually be one of the models for the show. Watch out Mommy


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