Music at the Orphanage

I've been helping out a bit at the orphanage since we've moved here.  One of the girls recently told me she wants to be a singer.  I asked if Mr. Tim (the incredible ISS music teacher) could visit the home to do a lesson with the kids and the idea went over really well.  Mr. Tim is awesome so of course he wanted to come along.   We finally worked out the date and made our way over there today.

It was so so good!  Talk about such an uplifting, fun hour of music, singing, and dancing!   I brought along Andie and Zoë and a friend of theirs that all know Mr. Tim from ISS.  They were the perfect help to Mr. Tim to teach the songs.  They proudly sang out (sometimes in front of the group) showing off all that they had learned.  The kids at the home LOVED the music.  It was really so much fun!   I hope that not only did my girls have fun...but that they also realized they were a part of something bigger...bringing joy to those who need it most.  

Here are the girls leading one of the songs