New Trainees

This has been a full week, full of all things Fiji and fun.   On Sunday we did the rainforest hike at Colo-I-Suva park with friends.   Every time I go there I think we should go more often.  The kids love the rope swing and we love just getting some exercise outside.

It was literacy week at school and we had a lot of fun stuff, like pajama day, a Father's day breakfast (it's Father's Day here), a visiting author, and book character dress up day. Andie was Hermoine again and Zoe was a fairy from a Barbie book.   They were happy.

On Thursday the new Peace Corps trainees arrived!  35 trainees got off the plane on Thursday morning at 5:30 a.m.   They eventually made their way via bus to Pacific Harbour where many of the current volunteers, the local staff, and myself were waiting to greet them off of the bus.    After they were given their sulus and informed of local protocol during these ceremonies, we had a sevusevu for them.   It was great!  They of course were all glassy eyed, jet-lagged, and overwhelmed I am sure....but the energy in the room was so hopeful and exciting!  After a bit of grog drinking, there was dancing all around.   I'm so impressed by Peace Corps volunteers who give up their whole life to live in a completely different culture helping others.   I am SO proud to be part of (kind of) such an amazing organization that builds relationships, communities, and changes lives.   I am just so happy took a job with such an awesome organization.

new volunteers being greeted off the bus

dancing - and check out the awesome sulus for each volunteer.  (I got one too- Yay!)

This morning I ran longer than I expected and ended up joining a fun 10k run along the sea wall.  As I ran I felt so lucky to look at the Pacific Ocean for every step.  Oh, and HUGE news!!!!  We booked tickets to Singapore and Thailand!!!!!  I am freakin' so excited! I could not even sleep the night we got tickets!    I've never been to that part of the world...but have always wanted to.   SO psyched!  Plus, we get to see old friends along the way.  Yay!

Oh, also Andie is becoming quite the lyricist.  More on this soon.... sweet songs written for friends.

impromptu dance party in the middle of the day with Liz