Sa Moce

Our dreamers

Andie has a best friend here in Fiji.  She has a few best friends in life,....all of them back in the States, except for this one, Lainie, here in Fiji.   Andie adores Lainie.   Lainie shares the same adoration for Andie.  These two.  I don't even know if I have words for these two.  They are so connected.  They practically speak their own language, so much so that when they are together I cannot follow along with their creative spiraling minds....but they don't miss a beat with one another.  They live in their own world together.  They seldom argue, but when they do, one of them always cries...feeling badly that they hurt the other's feelings.  Sometimes I worry that Andie is so connected to Lainie that she doesn't have any other friends.  When Lainie is absent from school, Andie wonders around....lost.   

Their friendship is beautiful, and amazing, and I'm so so grateful that Andie has a friend she is so connected to.   An added bonus is that I feel just as connected to Lainie's mom, Wendy and Zoë's best friend here is Lainie's little sister, Tahli.   Warren and Lach (Lainie's dad) got along well and I love Isla and Estelle (sisters) like they are my own family.   I cannot believe how close we have all become in such a short time.  I know we have found life long friends.  

These two though......  It's so special.  And, as is common in expat life- they are leaving.  They will be leaving December 1.  The whole family is moving to the United States for the next two years.   I've been pre-grieving for almost a year....while Andie has just been living in the moment with her best friend.  She says she will worry about making more friends later....which makes total sense.   As her mother, I cannot help but worry.  Is this the beginning of the heartbreak and commitment issues that will develop for her as a third culture kid?  Will the end of this friendship put up a wall in her precious, open heart?  She's already had to say goodbye to her best friend in Atlanta, will a second goodbye break her?  When I get to thinking that way, I have to shake my head and remember to simply be grateful.  I am grateful that my little girl has had a friendship that has made her a better person; a friendship she will always remember, and a friend who she will stay connected with forever.   It's a good thing to be sad because it means that the connection was real.   

She wrote this song for Lainie the other night.   She excitedly brought the lyrics to Mr. Tim who simplified it a bit and put it to music.      I LOVE that she has the support of Mr. Tim to let her musical creativity fly and be able to put all those big feelings into music. It makes my heart sing and ache all at the same time.

If you cannot really read those words, here they are:

You're like a rose sparkling in the sunshine.
I hope you know you are all I need for 1,000 years.
I can't look away from your smile
Your grin from ear to ear,
Your smile brightens my day, 
Fills my heart with joy and play.
So I hope you know, you're all I need for 1,00 years
A thousand years.
Your joyful smile brightens my day
Every second I am with you, You are my favorite gem.
So, I hope you know, you're all I need for 1,000 years. 

And, this is what she, her class, and Mr. Tim came up with:  (Watch Andie bring it in the end!)