Andie's early birthday party

Because we won't be here for Andie's birthday, we decided to do a slightly early party with the girls from her class.   She had 9 girls over and let's just say, fun was had by all - at least all the kids!!!   They did a scavenger hunt.  They decorated cupcakes.  They swam and jumped on the trampoline. They made LOADS and loads of slime with small things that scattered everywhere - but they smiled and screamed and laughed through all of it!  Two friends spent the night and they stayed up too late and laughed and laughed and laughed.   While it may have been a little loud, I loved watching Andie in her element with friends she loves.   We will all miss these friendships dearly.

Yes, the candle says 6.  I had to improvise and write +4 on the candle!   At least the cake says 10!

The sleepover friends also made pillow cases that they all signed.