Have taken lots of pics that don't exactly fit into a birthday party, swim carnival, production type of post....so here are some randoms from the week.   Man....it's starting to sink in and I am going to really miss this place....and more importantly these people....   

Here's the latest...

Zoё bday dinner at Daikoku

Waiting for Snowy House treats

candy science experiment gone wrong!

hanging out after swim practice

new Dolphin hoodie

One of my favorites of my crazy crew.   Look carefully for an extra laugh!

It's been cold lately!!!!

One of many reasons I love girls’ school …note from teacher in daily communication: We did an activity today called 'Banana Split' to think about the people involved in growing, picking, shipping, importing and selling bananas. Each student had a job with particular responsibilities, risks and associated costs. They discussed how to split up the profit between the five jobs if one banana was sold for 30 cents. All of the groups decided to give most of the money to the banana worker because they worked for 12-14 hours a day in hot physical conditions and were at risk of health problems from pesticides. We were shocked to learn that supermarket owners take 13 cents from every banana while banana workers only get 1 cent! Please ask me to share my knowledge of what fair trade is and how we as customers can help to make sure everyone is paid fairly and has access to basic human rights.

One thing I won't miss from here: the trash.   Views from my morning run....

Sarah Jane and I on our 10k race where we each won $50!!!!!    

As always, awesome food at the Doughty/Burniat house

chicken whisperer

Blue Steel

Homework was to make a recipe with grams and milliliters within it.  Ya- all I could muster up was a pack of apple cider drink mix with boiling water.   Z was happy though!

too cool

books I made for the girls

ALL expired.  Breaks my heart

Hi snail!