The end of an era

Yesterday and Friday was the school national swim meet.   Something like 66 schools participated.   It was awesome.   Both Andie and Zoё swam so incredibly well!  They both had personal bests in every stroke they swum.   I just can't believe how much better they get with each meet.  I mean how can they take off 5-10 seconds every time?  Zoё won in her heat and had her face all over television.  She is disappointed that she didn't medal but man, she did so awesome!  I keep trying to explain to her that the medal really doesn't mean much- her times were incredible!   Both girls got fourth place in their best strokes (breast and back) and I know fourth place is a little hard....because you are just so close to the medal- but again- their growth is amazing!   Actually Andie got fourth in every single event she swam, except for the relays!  Zoё swam in the 8 year old category and she just turned 8 last week!   As they get older the competition definitely gets stronger - they aren't the only ones getting better and better.   While it was a long weekend- I loved it! I love watching my girls swim! I love seeing them put their whole heart into the event and exceeding their previous bests every time! I love the energy at the swim meets.  I love the team work vibes- the cheering, the hugs, the encouragement.  It makes me so happy.

It was so awesome that Fiji TV was there and that the girls' grandparents and cousins got to watch online at home! I think I could hear them cheering all the way from the USA!   Also, Andie's relay team came in second twice so she will get two medals! Yay!  Unfortunately one of the girls on Zoё's relay team was sick so they didn't get to compete but I know they would have kicked butt too!

When it was over, I felt like I got punched in the stomach.  I had to fight back my tears as we walked away.  This is it.   This is the end of swim meets in Fiji and possibly forever.   This has been such a big part of our lives and now it is over.   I don't know if they have a functioning team in Madagascar and if they do I hope my girls will get past the language barrier and build friendships and team bonds.  Regardless, if it does exist, it won't be the swimming culture it is here.  I know that maybe something great will replace swimming - and I'll embrace that new thing eventually - but for now I just feel sad because the hole from swimming will never fully be filled - it will just be something different.

I will always be thankful to Fiji, ISS, and the Dolphin Swim Club for helping make my girls faster, stronger, and better people all around. 

Go team ISS!

We all made it on tv at least a few times!

Ms. Hannah's class represents!

Zoё on tv right after she won her heat!

Go Allora!

lots of card games

Tv in the water!

Marshaling area

Right before 100 back!

4th place

ice bucket

cheering for Andie!