Vanuatu getaway

Warren and I got away for a long weekend to Vanuatu to check off an item from the bucket list - go visit another South Pacific Island.   It was SO nice to get away with just Warren.  Even though it rained for nearly 24 hours, and I got a stiff neck, and I was terrified of the very small plane- I can still say it was an incredible weekend.  It was EXACTLY what we needed.  Life has felt super chaotic with our transition, and birthday parties, and swim meets, and work, and etc, etc, etc.....  It has felt like Warren and I haven't had much time for one another because we are both absorbed by this massive move - so this weekend was just that- time for one another.  

On Friday (after the small plane and a bigger plane ride) we got in kind of late so we just went to a very nice dinner.   Wow! The food in Vanatu does not dissapoint!  I don't understand how they have such amazing food and Fiji, well.... it just doesn't.... but the beef, the cheese, the wine....Oh my.  So good!   The next day we went on a snorkel cruise and saw some awesome reef (saw a huge ray!) and visited a turtle sancturary.  I gained such an understanding there of how at risk turtles are due to human's.  Sea turtles were around with the dinasaurs and we are now destroying them.   Plastic is taking over.  I'm super committed to not use plastic bags anymore and to ditch my straw.    Seeing the baby turtles eat a jelly fish it all made sense.  Of course they get tricked by plastic.    Anyway....the day was delightful.  It was beautiful and only started to rain at the end of our trip.   On the way home from the trip we stopped for some Vanuatu cava which is WAY stronger than Fiji's.   I felt it immediately.   We met some friends on the cruise so we met up with them for a drink and then went a fancy French dinner.   Again- yum!    

Sunday it poured rain all day.   Warren's friend and colleague, Kelly, took us all around Port Villa.  Vanuatu is SO much smaller than Fiji.  It actually reminded me a lot of the Carribean.  It had a great feel to it.   What I couldn't get over is that everyone kept telling me it was fine to walk alone at night.  Women, men, Warren's colleague....all told me that it is very safe and I didn't need to worry at all.  I couldn't shake my fear completely, but I can say that's the first place I've ever been that I didn't have to worry, or so I was told.

And....the rest of Sunday we read, drank champagne, took naps, had yummy Thai food.   It was honestly so nice.  We stayed at a BEAUTIFUL resort..... and hoped we could explore it in the sun the next day.  Turns out the weather worked in our favor for Monday so we were able to bask in the sun, explore the island, and do some snorkeling before we had to head home.  

After the flight home and 3.5 hour cab ride, it was so nice to come give the girls a snuggle as they slept.  What a nice trip! 

very small plane. I was worried but it turned out to be beautiful!

The headlines in Fiji! LOL!

the plane

Really nice dinner out!

Brekkie on Sat. morning

Aussie second hand stores in Vanuatu too!

Snorkel cruise

our boat

At the turtle sanctuary

Baby turtles eating a jelly fish - you can see why they get fooled by plastic bags.  So sad-

Beautiful beach we stopped at on snorkel cruise

Thanks so much to Kelly for taking us on a Port Villa tour!

On July 1 all plastic bags and straws will be banned from Vanuatu.   They are on sale now as a result.  

Funny view into the bathroom from the hotel room

rainy Sunday

Drinking champagne, napping, reading

Local beer- pretty good!

Yay! Sunshine!!!

I pulled my neck and my sweet husband carried so much for me

Snorkelers cov

Same place but with sun shining- The sun makes such a difference in the colors of the water!  Also, this is where I napped.  So nice!

The hotel we stayed at for the first two nights

such a good idea at the airport!

on the way to the plane home

Sporting the Vanuatu hats that Kelly gave them!