Primary School Farewell

Yesterday still feels like a dream to it's not really happening.  The farewell ceremony for the leaving staff took place.   It's so hard to believe today will be my last day of work as a school counselor for a while.   I love what I do so it's difficult to imagine life without it.   I also love the people I work with and the caring community of which I am now a part.  These people have raised my children with me and have creaated an environment that has deepened our family's experiences in Fiji.   For all of this, I am incredibly thankful and just a little sad too. 

I stayed until the end last night soaking it all in.  I came home and read all the notes from the staff and looked at my beautiful farewell gifts- and still it doesn't feel real.   

Maybe one day when I look at the pictures and I'm all alone without work it will really sink in.....

My favorite roro from the lovo!