Birthday weekend

Every year for the girls' birthdays I write them a birthday letter.   I am behind on Zoe's birthday this year.  She just turned 5 on Sunday (Monday in the states).   Warren joked that she wasn't really five yet on Sunday because chronologically we would have to wait until Monday...but whatever... we celebrated on May 24!   I am currently working on her birthday letter.  I have one for both girls from the time they were born.  Maybe when they turn 15 or so I'll share the letters with them.  Once I finish the letter to Z, I'll post it here.  (Aiming to have it done by Friday).   This week is so crazy busy because I am the new interim president for PTFA (PTA) at the kids' school.  Never ever in my life did I see myself being PTA president...but it works for now...and it is only for this month until we find a permanent president.   Thank goodness it's not a long term position because honestly, I just don't think I'm organized enough to pull this off well.  Hopefully I can fake it for the next month!

Before the birthday festivities began, Andie received an award at school on Friday.   I am one proud mama because she got the award for being open-minded.  I don't think there are many qualities I would be happier for my kid to possess, except maybe empathy...but open-mindedness breeds I'm thrilled.   (Sorry for the braggy mom moment...just know that some relatives state-side would love to see this).

Right after the award, party prep began!   I spent the whole day Friday getting the house ready for Zoe's 5th birthday party celebration on Saturday.  I do not know why I was panicking about this party.  I felt a lot of pressure from all the grandiose parties I've been to here.  Perhaps I was nervous about entertaining everyone in our house for the first time.  For some reason, I was overly stressed about everything being PERFECT ...which of course can never happen.  I wanted every picture hung on the wall, the exact right music for the crowd, the children to be so happy they wouldn't misbehave one bit....etc.  Turns out, we couldn't hang the pictures like I wanted...but really I worried over nothing.  The party was great.   We had help from our housekeeper and that made a HUGE difference!  To have someone at the party picking up trash, doing dishes, and refilling food was amazing.  We had WAY TOO MUCH food, but that's better than not enough.   The kids had a blast....and also misbehaved...but of course that happens.    There was no need for my 11 pm panic attack the night before.  I vow to just enjoy the next birthday party and not stress out about all the little things.  There are too many big things in life to stress about.....not a child's birthday party!

At the end of the party, a few friends stuck around.  We had a few drinks, laughs, and just simply enjoyed each other and the scenery. party done.  

The next day, (Zoe's actual birthday), Zoe woke up at 5:45 a.m. ready to go.  She was overly excited to open presents.  The whole family was up by 6:30 and after the gifts, the girls entertained themselves with the new presents while Warren and I packed up for the Beach House (a backpacker resort an hour and a half up the road).    We soon met some friends there and happened to get there on the day that 50 young backpackers were leaving.  Woohoo!  We had a relaxing quiet night.  I have nothing against all of the young backpackers enjoying themselves.   I sort of enjoy watching the real-live Bachelor take place right in front of me....but I really enjoy having a beach and resort more to ourselves and being able to get a good night's sleep (as opposed to our friend's stay there the night before).   The beach was beautiful.   The sun felt amazing.  The girls had a blast.  They ran around all day....  swimming, chasing frogs and kittens, swinging....being kids.   It really could not have been a better way to celebrate my full of life 5 year old.   I love the freedom they have here...and I love our freedom too.   It was perfect.   

new dress model pose

dance party on the way to beach house

I have been trying to get a good shot of Andie to blow up on our wall.  Anyone have a favorite???


  1. Looks like an amazing birthday party (bounce house!) and weekend away (such gorgeous pics of all three girls!). I just stare at these pics and think what a great experience the girls are having, and how much dedicated family time they get. So beautiful to see and thanks for sharing it with all of us. Also, looks like Zoe got some great pressies!

    1. Thanks Yael! We will definitely go to Beach House when you come visit! Super cheap and easy!

  2. Reminds me of the backpacker hostel in Spain- Barcelona, was it? The one where the party never stopped-Kabul.


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