Field trip

Yesterday I went on a field trip with Andie's class to the rain forest.   It was so much fun!  These kids walked for over 2 hours with heavy backpacks on the whole way.   In the resting moments, they all pulled out their sketch books to document nature in action.  It was pretty awesome.   How cool that they get to take a field trip through the rain forest?!  

Go Greenies!  This is the group I was partially responsible for. 

Lots of walking!

Do they look tired?

Here's the kids sketching

My artist at work

Oh, and P.S.  We saw this rainbow this morning while kids were waiting for bus.   Pretty awesome!

Lastly, I failed to mention that last week we had to say goodbye to Brooke and Solo.  They are now in Alaska....  Solo is getting to experience all sorts of American firsts which has been fun to follow on facebook....but not nearly as wonderful as having them here...