Fiji Fashion week

This week is Fiji Fashion week in Suva.  There are a lot of fun activities throughout the week to celebrate.  Fiji is working hard to get this fashion week to international standards.   On Wednesday I went to a charity luncheon with a 70's theme and tonight I am going to one of the shows.   After the fun two + hour lunch on Wednesday, I zipped over to the school to lead the PTFA meeting as president.  It just so happens that this meeting happened to be the most highly attended meeting so far this year (not due to me) and the principal was present.   Nothing like leading a meeting in your entirely inappropriate, too short for Suva and definitely too short for primary school, 70's style shift dress.   Thankfully, half of the members were at the luncheon too.  

Our table

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We made it in the paper!


  1. Hey, if they want to be an international fashion week, they better get comfortable with female bodies.


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