Hike through the rainforest

It's been a while since I've hiked through a rain forest.  It may be that the last time was 15 years ago as a Peace Corps Volunteer.   A few friends and I ventured out to the rain forest today and it was just as magical now as it ever was.   (We went here  Colo-i-Suva Forest Park).  Again, I am reminded how awesome it feels to get outside in the fresh air.  I am also reminded how my body feels old!  We had a fair amount of walking down slippery slopes and I was visibly shaking the whole time.  I was so nervous about falling, afraid that I would get injured.  I cannot even count how many times I fell on hikes like these back in the Peace Corps days, but now my body feels more fragile!  How pathetic...   An older friend across the street told me to not let myself start thinking that way or else I'll start believing it.  I'm going to work on that.

Regardless of my jitters, it was an amazing day.   I loved the company, conversation, and surroundings.  We ended with a nice lunch and cold beer at the eco-resort across the street.  Yum.   (I'm now obsessed with ordering this dish every where I go here).   This is definitely a day I want to re-create many times during our stay here in Fiji, so if you are one of the rare few who plan on visiting here...we will definitely make this a must do!

One of the many swimming holes along the hike

These women were filming a soap commercial here.  Haha

Notice the waterfall behind

Next time I want to try this rope swing!

This was the place we went to for lunch.   Really beautiful.  

Not from hike, but woke up to this beautiful rainbow this morning outside our window!


  1. What a cool hike! Why did the other girls get to wear shorter shorts? I also want to do that when we visit, although no raw fish dish for me! Also, seriously how cute is the Bula attire? Um, I seriously want one so let's add that to the itinerary too! Maybe there can be a special event to go to when we visit ha ha. I need to catch up on so many comments...

    I can't believe they spray food with insect spray.

    Your weekend adventures look so great. And it always looks, in every post, like a dream world for kids. Constantly outside, constantly swimming, constantly in the sun, constantly adventuring. The girls look happy and beautiful as always.

    Also, my kids also climb in my bed every night, fight over sleeping next to me, and kick me accidentally on every part of my body. Some I can't even mention publicly, but my favorite recent one was my eye socket.


    1. I laughed out loud reading your comment Yael! And, my heart skipped a beat at the thought of you visiting! Yes...we will do whatever you want when you visit!!!

  2. That dish looks a lot like ceviche, which is delicious!


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