Possessed Cat in my house

A few weeks ago, Andie acquired a new toy at a resort.   She saw a turtle made of out wood that she loved.  She asked us for money and we told her that she had her own money if she wanted the turtle.  She only has $5 so she told the craftsman that she only had $5.  He asked for $20.   She asked us again; we said no so she went back and said she only had $5.   This went back and forth and the man requested $15, $10, and then finally said, "Ok...bring me your $5."  She was in disbelief and extremely thrilled.  She loves that turtle.  She has taken it in for show and tell and slept with it next to her bed for a week.

Well, for as much as Andie loves the turtle, Zoe was NOT pleased that when she came back from the beach and Andie had a new toy.   By that point, the craftsman was no longer at the resort.  She was beyond angry and said she wanted to use her own money and buy herself a toy as well.   A few days later when we picked up Warren from work, we illegally parked in front of a Chinese shop with cheap knick-knacks and Zoe and I ran in quickly.   She picked up a random toy cat in a basket, which happened to be exactly $5.  Score.  We were in and out of the shop in less than 2 minutes and Zoe was now also extremely pleased.   Andie was under-impressed with her cat...noting that it was boring and it doesn't do anything.   It's ok...because Zoe was fine with that.

The cat and turtle have lost some of their initial appeal and now just live in the land of lost toys in their bedroom.   Today I was taking a shower and heard a cat meowing non-stop.  It sounded SO close.  I thought it must be outside of the window...but no...it didn't sound like it was coming from outside.  Could a cat have gotten inside our house?   Is that even a cat sound or it some sort of warning bell going off in the house?  Is the alarm going off?  Is there a tsunami warning bell?  (My mind carries me to weird places).   I finished the shower quickly and followed the sound into the girls' room.   This is what I found.

I have no idea how this cat suddenly possessed this new skill.  I swear when we purchased it, it did nothing. That cat has been toted all around the house and even to school and it was silent.  Out of nowhere it sits alone on the shelf and starts meowing, talking, and flashing it's green eyes?  What??   I am only half way joking when I say I think that toy cat is possessed and it's only purpose is to haunt me.   How in the world, out of nowhere did this toy cat develop this skill that no one knew it had?  In the last few hours since then, it keeps randomly going off.  The girls think it's hilarious.  It meowed all through our dinner and all through bedtime stories.    I finally found the batteries in the thing and removed them....but hopefully I won't wake up tonight with it's green eyes flashing at me in anger for condemning it to a life of silence again.  Ugh...anyone want a new toy cat??


  1. That sounds like the start of Fijian Horror Story, a new webseries ...

  2. I love this story, particularly knowing how much you love cats and how you're highly allergic to them. They've got it out for you!


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