Because it's the end of the school year here, Andie's teacher had been sending stuff home from the beginning of the year. This gave me a much needed laugh!

Kate Anderson Passin Translation: I have brown hair. I have nice BRAIDS. Lol.
Laura McKinley Spriggs and nice brests
Beverly Anderson heheh - glad for the translation! The "nis brests" was certainly not making me think "nice braids"! I have the best teeth?? Is that her something unique?
Kate Anderson Passin I have the best teacher. She must have been in a huge hurry when she wrote this bc she didn't even spell her name correctly!
Erin McCarthy Griffin Nice brests...he he he
Lauren Stearman Hahaha god love her!! I remember telling you about this!! 
Georgina Cope she has nice WHAT??! love it.