Primary Concert

The kids had their primary concert last night. Zoë was a mermaid and danced to Under the Sea and Andie designed her own American t-shirt to walk her cat-walk in a fashion show.   She also performed an Indian dance.  They were both thrilled to be in the performance....super confident.  They were so pleased that I let them wear make-up. I am afraid of what I started!  Andie asked for eyeliner this morning!  I was amazed at the talent in that school!  Those kids can dance!!!  The teachers worked so hard to choreograph their routines and practice with them.  It was seriously impressive.  Anyway, I didn't take many photos...more videos- which take about 36 hours to here are some pics..

By the way, I had to go to a tailor to get Zoë's dress made - all of the parents did.

fierce look