Coolest Cousin Ever!!!

Wow!  We got the biggest, greatest package today from my cousin, Lori.  This is the second one she sent us.  These packages are overwhelmingly amazing and full of everything you can dream of!  They make me smile all day long!!!   They also are full of things that entertain our kids!  Lori does not even know my children but she apparently has a knack for knowing exactly what they want. 

I always knew my cousin, Lori, was cool.  I used to love to go to her house in Pennsylvania and ride on the back of her four wheeler - my arms tight around her waste...wizzing through the forest and looking for deer.   She's always made me feel like I was valued, even when I was young and even when I was in the awkward tween years.   She is still making me feel special all the way across the world!  Thanks Lori!!!