International School Assembly - what the International community thinks of Americans

Last Friday, the year 1 students (Andie's cohort) led the primary school assembly.  The children dressed in typical dress from their home country (Andie wore a Minnie mouse shirt with a US flag on it) and they stood with their classmates from the same region in the world.  Each group shared a few facts about their region with the whole school and the parents.   It was another one of those cool parent moments where I had to smile at the fact that my kids are so exposed to all different cultures.  It was also one of those moments where I realized what the international community thinks about us as Americans.  We are known for many things...but one of the biggest is guns.   See the video below.




Philipines, China, Japan

Pacific Islanders

Andie looks happy here! 

Update: My mom says she nor my dad can understand what is being said.  In short:
Andie: The capital of the USA is Washington D.C.
Her friend standing next to her:  America has too many guns.

The audience then claps, laughs, and cannot regain composure.   All of the parents and teachers clap for quite a while.