Kawarren's 80th

This past weekend we went back to Leleuvia to celebrate both Warren and my 40th birthdays- making it an 80th bday celebration.  I forgot my camera but luckily others were more prepared than I.  It was such a lovely weekend of good conversation, card games, laughs, Georgia mules on the beach, kayaking and paddle boarding, imported cheese eating, and late night dancing.   I really could not have asked for a better weekend.  I feel so fortunate to have the friends we do and to live in a place like this to celebrate our 40th's together.

The walk away from the boat as soon as we arrived.

kids settling in

happy hour at our bure

good friends - blessed to have them here

the girls....again feel lucky to have them here
Warrren pretending to be jealous of the "other man"

on the way over the kids rode under the boat.