Yesterday it was Diwali, an annual Hindu festival of lights that symbolizes good winning out over evil.  It's one of India's biggest holidays and since Fiji's population is 40% Indo-Fijian it's huge here! It's actually a national holiday so everyone enjoyed relaxing and parties yesterday.  I never knew about Diwali before and now I realize I was in the dark. 

At this time of year, the Indo-Fijians all decorate their houses with lights, similar to what we do at Christmas time.  The houses look beautiful.  They also clean out their entire house in time for the holiday.   The biggest sign that it's Diwali time is the never ending fireworks throughout our neighborhood and the whole city.   The fireworks have been happening for at least a week and as I sit here right now, writing this blog the day after Diwali, there has been massive firework displays outside of my window for the past two hours and I am sure will continue until midnight. It's a lot of fun (unless you are trying to put your children to bed...)  

This year was just a small introduction into this festival of lights, but I hope that the longer we live here the more I understand about the holiday and the more we celebrate with friends.   We did go to a Diwali party yesterday and then came home to crazy fireworks on our street.   Andie and Zoe got offered sparklers and before I even had a chance to do a safety lecture, Andie got burnt on the arm.  She was in a lot of pain last night, but now she is doing much better and thoroughly enjoying milking her wound for all it's worth.   She has a huge bandage on her arm (put on by the nurse) and she LOVES it! She wears it like a badge of honor.  I just have to smile because she deserves just a tiny bit of joy if she has to go through all the pain of the burn.  

So glad we live here and can learn about different culture's holidays and traditions.   Love it. 

The girls were allowed to wear their Diwali clothing to school on Tuesday instead of their uniforms. 

They had fun with the scarves.

catching the bus

all the friends at school
small firework across the street
neighbors house dressed for Diwali
Zoë with her sparkler

fireworks on our street


Poor Andie with her bandage at the nurse's office.  She actually had a huge smile on her face just before the photo, but put on a very sad face for the picture.