Love all around

I have so much I want to blog about.  The Peace Corps swearing in, the awesome primary school assembly this morning, our great new Bula clothes, weird tropical skin sores my kids have, the 5/2 diet we've been doing, Tybee Island Pirate fest, the crazy, scary, unreal fact that I am reciting my memorized monologue tonight in front of an audience, but I am now working two days a week so I have less time....although I  promise to blog about at least some of it.   Before I do, I have to go back to my birthday blog I last wrote.  I talked all about the actual day of my birthday but I didn't really mention the week before my birthday.  We were adorned with amazing care packages all week!   I cannot even believe the love we got every day.  (I wonder if being far away people show you even more how much they love you...or if you just feel it more because you miss them SO much).   My parents sent us a huge box of SO many goodies I cannot even re-count them all, but Trader Joe's was a theme....YUM!   Warren's parents sent us another incredible package also Trader Joe themed.   Double YUM!  Yael sent us the most thoughtful package...not just magazines, yummy treats, and fun stuff for me...but with awesome Lego friend sets and American girl doll clothes for the girls (that kept them occupied for hours), fun magazines, and yet again...the best Trader Joe's snacks....including chocolate covered potato chips.  OMG.  If you have not had them, you HAVE TO check them out.  OMG.  They were gone in two days (and that is only because I really tried to savor them).     We seriously have so many Trader Joe's snacks in our pantry right now; every time I open it I get the hugest smile!

Also, Andie's friend Myla and her awesome mom sent us a complete care package for the girls full of slinkies, light up wands, activities, and Andie's old year book from ANCS.  Andie was over-joyed.   Our Atlanta friends sent us the most generous and sincere care package too.  Every year we go to pirate fest with four families and this was the first year we missed out on the Tybee Island experience.  We were SO sad to miss it and some of those pangs of missing out were deterred by the PIRATE FEST care package.  I will have to add some fun pictures of this soon because they sent us all we need to look like real pirates... Arrr!   I cannot wait until we can finally get the whole Passin clan coordinated enough to get the pirate pic.  It's not the same as being with them, but it warmed our hearts to know they were thinking of us.  They also sent us a photo of last year's trip that is now prominently displayed in our kitchen where we can see it every day.  

The love we've gotten is so intense and amazing and overwhelming....and just makes me smile incessantly.   I can only hope I show all of you wonderful friends and family the same love you've shown us.  I think I need to step up my game!   You all have a place in Fiji whenever you want!!!

This is just a small amount of the treats we received last week!  Too bad we've eaten a lot of them before they got photographed! 

Framed picture from Atlanta friends

Doesn't it look nice?!