Tybee Island Pirate Fest

As I've mentioned, every year we've done a fall break trip with our best buddies in Atlanta.   We typically go to Tybee Island; not only is it where Warren and I got married but it is home of the Pirate Festival!  Yes, it's rowdy and rednecky and, yes, we love it!  It's always a good time with these guys.  We've all been friends since our kids met when they were one in preschool.  Since then we've taken many trips, run many runs, shared many laughs and memories as we've watched our kids grow up together.   It goes without saying that we miss them.  

They wanted us to be a part of the fun so they sent us a pirate fest package including some airbrush t-shirts and pirate wear!  We finally got our act together to do a family shot!  Here we are in full pirate fest mode!


first "date" a few years ago when kids were one

three years ago

two years ago

the whole crew

This year they all went to see a little people Kiss tribute band. Jealous!
They also took the annual bike ride this year
wet willies is another classy tradition we have there

They fancied up their shirts

last year's group shot