Uprising Music Festival

This past weekend we got out of Suva for the weekend and headed to the Uprising Music Festival, about 45 minutes away from our house.  One of the things both Warren and I miss about Atlanta is all of the great shows we used to go to.   It was super fun just to get out and see some live music!  We stayed at the Pearl.  right up the beach from the festival.  Our family and some friends took a leisurely walk down the beach to the music and then partied with the rest of Suva that had come for the festival as well.  Andie and Zoë danced right up front for the majority of the day - so uninhibited! ( I love that!) Once it got dark, it got really crowded, so we went back to the hotel so our kids could go to sleep while the older kids at the festival partied on.    

On Sunday, we woke up to a nice breakfast, a swim at the pool, and some playtime on the beach before heading back into Suva for a relaxing afternoon.  It was a really nice getaway for the night. 

Right before Allegra won the dance contest!

taking a break from dancing for photo

The next morning I saw this sea snake at the Pearl.  Yikes.  They are fatal but they don't bother humans.   Still makes me nervous though!

Hanging out with some ISS pals at the pool

silly faces at the fish n' chips place on way to resort